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creating realistic
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wink + co

Former builder Steve Winkelman isn’t a fan of the pie in the sky stuff. Steve leads our team in designing and documenting homes that actually get built. The team works directly with builders, for builders, and knows exactly what it takes to turn your dream into bricks and mortar.

Hundreds upon hundreds of plans pass through the drawing boards of the office on a weekly basis, meaning exposure and experience are key and knowledge is second to none. Whether it be a blank canvas, an old vision, or a current dilemma, look no further for your design and drafting solutions than the experts at Wink + Co.



Lets meet, locally or remote, dependent of circumstances.


Create the all-important project brief based on you or your client scope and requests, budget and individual requirements/circumstances.


Detail the necessary processes involved in ensuring your brief is met start to finish, giving you the knowledge and confidence to be excited about what’s ahead.



Creation of your custom design solutions. How exciting!


Potential to branch into various concept options to cover all bases and scenarios.


Communicate and connect with any associated consultants to ensure each element of your design solutions are trouble-free on the way to on-site reality.



Upon review of the concept design, let’s discuss the finer details and begin developing solutions and fine-tuning all elements of the design on the road to starting the build.


Working Drawings

We’ll take it from here… This process is our bread and butter. Let us take care of the project’s documentation to ensure you get your approval over the line and can start building.


Detailed extras

If there are any extras you require throughout the process, be that 3D renders, detailing or internal joinery documentation, we will add that for you to refine the level of documentation even further.


Pick and Mix

Don’t fear, we’re here to provide the service and solutions you want even if it is custom to the brief overviews mentioned above. Whether you’ve made a start already or have been overwhelmed along the way in the past, I’m sure we’ve done it before. We’re here to help!


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